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Scheduling and Pickups

Scheduling a Sampling

To schedule a sampling with Juniper Analytics, or to submit information on a sampling you've scheduled over the phone, the fastest and easiest way would be visiting this page. Please note the best time of day for sampling according to your needs.

  • For initial scheduling via the form, please indicate the best day for you. We will do our best to sample on the day requested, and will contact you via phone if we have any difficulties doing so. 

  • For a sampling that's already been scheduled, please indicate the date as scheduled with our front of house team. 

  • For testing cannabinoid products of any kind, the more information provided to our lab team up front will yield more effective and efficient testing. When scheduling a sampling, please provide as much information as you can about the product including how its made, what else it may contain, what your target potency is, if the source material was tested with another lab, what those results looked like, if the product is decarboxylated, and any other details you think that could effect your results. 

    The Day of Sampling
    On the day of your sampling, our Field Technicians will call your facility the morning of service with a 1-2 hour window of expected arrival. Please note that on any given day, our field technicians are sampling multiple areas of Oregon during a single run. Variables such as traffic and sampling time with other clients can effect this, and our team will always do their absolute best to communicate any changes on arrival expectations throughout their day. We ask that you do your best to have everything ready for our team by the time they have scheduled for you. By having product laid out, METRC information in hand, and packages ready to be sampled, we can save both you and the rest of our clients an incredible wealth of time. For more information on how to prepare sampling and METRC information, please visit this page.
    Control Studies
    If you are conducting a post control study where the original study was completed by another lab, please have a copy of the original control study ready to give our Field Sampling team upon pickup. You can also email a copy of the original control study to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    For control studies being initiated by Juniper Analytics, please include the following details when we sample: 
    • Whether you plan to sell in a recreational dispensary (HEMP only)
    • Processor name / license # (email address also - HEMP only)
    • Product's Commercial name
    • Product Description (flavor, extraction type, etc. as applicable)
    • Process lot number associated with control study
    • Batch size and sample increments
    • SOP # for yourprocess
    • Target THC (for edibles/topicals only)
    Juniper Analytics requires payment at the time of sampling. If, for any reason, payment is not received, we will not be able to release results to our clients until invoices are paid and processed in full. Payment methods available consist of cash, check, and wire transfer. We are currently working on credit card vendors for the future.

    Your Test Results

    Turnaround Times
    Turnaround times for all tests are currently 7 business days, which begins upon completion of intake into our laboratory. Intake is completed the morning of the business day that follows sampling. 

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