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Your Tax Dollars at Work

With the end of prohibition, a lot of change comes to the communities that embrace regulation of cannabis. In Oregon, part of legalization came with a 17% tax rate on recreational products, where municipalities can charge an additional 3% with the approval of voters. In addition to this, recreational licensees (in this case, the taxpayer), can keep 2% of the state tax to cover administrative costs. 

Per House Bill 2041 (2015), any tax revenue generated after the state pays for administering the marijuana tax will be dispersed as follows:

  • Common School Fund (40%)
  • Mental Health, Alcoholism, and Drug Services Account (ORS 430.380) (20%)
  • State Police (15%)
  • Cities - for local law enforcement (10%)
  • Counties - for local law enforcement (10%)
  • Oregon Health Authority - for alcohol and drug abuse prevention, early intervention, and treatment services (5%)

These disbursements are decided by the number of licenses issued by the OLCC per area. Any areas that prohibit recreational cannabis facilities receive no disbursements. 

In 2016, Oregon received over $60 million dollars in tax payments for recreational marijuana, raising $7.83 million alone in October of 2016. Here's an article from the Bend Bulletin from January 2017 with more details.


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