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Juniper Analytics CEO Carl Carnagey

Carl Carnagey


Responsible for directing business operations and community outreach, Carl is an outspoken advocate for cannabis safety. He is often sought for his knowledge and expertise within the cannabis industry, and works across multiple channels to create an industry developed around business and consumers alike.

Juniper Analytics Senior Chemist Ben Armstrong

Ben Armstrong

Laboratory Director

Ben joined the Juniper Analytics team in January 2017 to develop an LC-MS/MS based method for analyzing pesticide residue in cannabis flower and extract. In July 2017, Ben took over as our Laboratory Director, spearheading all aspects of business in our lab. Ben has a B.S in Biochemistry from the University of Minnesota and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Oregon. An avid outdoor enthusiast, you can find Ben enjoying the local slopes, trails and lakes with his family. 

Juniper Analytics Quality Assurance Officer Ellen Parkin

Ellen Parkin

Quality Assurance Officer

Ellen joined the Juniper Analytics in January 2019. With 3.5 years of experience in the industry and a Master in Brewing Science, Ellen brings technical and regulatory knowledge to the team. Ellen keeps the laboratory up to date with regulatory documentation and requirements as well as assists with the analysis of cannabinoid samples. Outside the lab, Ellen enjoys soaking up with sun on the trails with her family. 

Juniper Analytics Senior Scientist Luke Ward

Luke Ward

Senior Scientist I

Luke joined Juniper Analytics in 2017. In addition to being the principal operator of the LC-MS/MS for pesticide analysis, Luke also spends time working on R&D projects with our industry partners. Luke received a B.S. in Biochemistry from the University of Missouri in 2006, and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Oregon in 2012.

Cassie Ereman

Analytical Chemist II

Cassie has a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology, and works with the GC/MS used for residual solvent and terpene profiling at Juniper Analytics. Cassie is passionate about our industry and the safety of cannabis consumers. She is proud to be directly involved with the evolution of this emerging, constantly changing industry by offering her insights and experience.

Michael Swisher

Analytical Chemist II

Michael works for Juniper Analytics as an Extraction Specialist. He has a Bachelor’s of Science with emphasis on Geology and Chemistry with minor degrees in both. Michael’s main duties include preparing, organizing, and tracking all samples for our full suite of tests. Michael is fascinated by the ever-developing applications of cannabis and cannabis products for personal health, and loves being part of such an exciting and diverse community.

Zoe Wiggers

Analytical Chemist II 

Zoe is an Analytical Chemist at Juniper Analytics. She has a Bachelor's in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from Oregon State University. Zoe enjoys working for consumer safety of cannabis end users, particularly in such an emerging, unexplored industry. When not working at Juniper, Zoe enjoys outdoor activities such as snowboarding and paddling. 

Miranda Corwin

Analytical Chemist I

Miranda joined the Juniper Analytics team in the fall of 2018 as an Extraction Specialist. She has a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources with a minor in Fisheries and Wildlife from OSU-Cascades. Miranda enjoys learning about every aspect of the diverse cannabis industry including medicinal applications and sustainable cannabis practices. In her free time, she loves to do all things outdoors, especially snowboarding and mountain biking.  

Sage Chittick

Laboratory Technician

Sage joined the Juniper Analytics team in August of 2019 as a Laboratory Technician. He graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Biology-Health Science and a minor in Ethics from Oregon Institute of Technology. Sage is incredibly passionate about the future of Cannabis, especially for medical use, and looks forward to being a part of the industry as it grows. Outside of the lab, Sage enjoys many outdoor activities including mountain biking and snowboarding and is an avid tech enthusiast.

Orlando Baza

Intake Specialist
Orlando is an Front of House Intake Specialist at Juniper Analytics, a self-described Task Gladiator. He has over six years experience as a Health Information Technician, which means he’s no stranger to state regulations in a field. Orlando is interested in seeing more research and development put into cannabis infused ETHO as the industry evolves. He’s a Central Oregon native, and enjoys hunting, fishing, riding quads, and embracing the outdoors.

Liz Forget

Administrative Assistant
Liz works as an Assistant to the CEO at Juniper Analytics. She is currently wrapping up her ASoT in Business and working toward her Master’s degree in Accounting. Liz is very interested in the rapid growth of the cannabis industry not only in Oregon, but around the world. She loves seeing the emergence of a community created on a basis of helping people in need through safer, natural options, and is eager to see the state of the industry in the coming years.

Aaron McCafferty

Service Specialist

With a background in customer service and degrees in Psychology and Sociology, Aaron is dedicated to doing whatever is needed to help his team achieve excellence and reach its goals. A long time cannabis user, he is excited to help keep cannabis and hemp products safe in his home state of Oregon, and is looking forward to all the wild innovations legalization and research will bring.

Juniper Analytics Field Collection Manager Carlos Gomez

Carlos Gomez

Operations Manager

Carlos is the manager of the Field Technician Team at Juniper Analytics. Carlos brings with him over 12 years of managerial experience from multiple facets of the service industry. He is excited for the many opportunities that are arising in communities that embrace cannabis legalization and regulation, and is very vocal when it comes to utilizing cannabis as a safe and natural medication. Carlos believes the key to a business succeeding comes from the way it handles the people around it. Whether you’re a customer, employee, or owner, you can expect to be treated with the utmost respect and urgency from Carlos’ field sample collection team.

Devin Studwell

Field Collection Technician

Devin is a Field Collection Technician for Juniper Analytics. His schooling and professional experience in the customer service and hospitality industries have helped him in delivering a superior customer service experience with producers and processors across the entire state. Devin also works to ensure quality control while sampling for our clients. Devin is incredibly interested in organic growing practices and applying permaculture farming techniques to cannabis growing operations, breeding new genetics, and seeing the incredible evolution of this industry post prohibition. Devin’s motto is drive fast and take chances (while not on field sample collection runs, of course).

Anthony Moon

Field Collection Technician

Anthony is a Field Collection Technician at Juniper Analytics. Not only is Anthony a Master Gardener from Oregon State University, he’s also completed 4 years of Indiana’s horticulture program. Anthony has over 10 years’ experience in large scale cannabis growing, and is very passionate about his work. Outside of his love for growing, Anthony is a vocal advocate of the potential medicinal benefits of cannabis, particularly in such a rapidly growing new industry. Other than cannabis, Anthony has a big heart for animals.

Cody Roberts

Field Collection Technician

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